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Geek Navigator is the first iPad alternate browser but it only shows source code of pages. A popup show real view, link are more easy to locate. Into source links are discovered and remain active, the rest is exactly the source code of webpage.

A speed way for webmaster to have a look into web source code.

Geek the Navigator 1.4 is available on AppStore. ($5.99)

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Screen sample

This is some screenshot frop iPad :

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Originals links remain active and are from three types :

  • Direct links http:// ... are blue
  • Relative links in red
  • Images links are green. (img src =).

Everything can be loaded and presented in text, pdf files, images that makes them particularly abstract. Just useful for discovering some text included..

Geek navigator does not directly parse source code, looking for links are from text mode.
Sometimes some links may be miss.

Navigation is done from page to page, you back a page to retrieve the initial page. Memory saturation maybe reached after too many open page, return back will free memory
Text search is possible, a popup keep old search in a list.

©03-2010 Pautex JF Graf : Fabien Veançon

Version for iPhone/iPod

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