PLC and iPhone

PLCLink PLCLink with ModBus and HTTP

Make ModBus internal config for PLCLink

You are making a ModBus config.


Global setting for Rooms

Project title : New config name avoid space
Rooms count : rooms and ok :

Links for rooms :

Common param for room 1

Fill this part.

Room name : Name is visible
PIN code for this room : Code PIN
Items count : items and ok :

Elements <item> :

There are 0 form(s) into <room id="0"> : <items> to fill in :

File for PLCLink

File from all form :

You have to self send this document by email, read it from iPhone and open it with PLCLink, it will be instal reference input and display code, see below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<!DOCTYPE wagoml PUBLIC "-//wagoml org//DTD WAGOML 1.0//EN" ""> 
<wagoml version="1.0" xmlns=""> 
		<item id="0"> 

Instal this config into iPhone

1 - direct import

Import in a file .xml with this link : PLCLink import in file

2 - Send config by email


Warning : open file with iphone an open in... PLCLink"

3 - With a QR code

PLCLink QR code

This QR Code is temporary address of this file, use "MobileTag" or "QRCode" on iPhone, you will able to import into PLCLink this file, PLCLink (from 1.5.3) import address of type "plclink://file_url"
this code is : plclink://url_of_this_file, this is a temporary file only for this session.


1 - Remove entry from iPhone
2 - Open MobileTag on iPhone, scan picture, PLCLink will be open and file : will be add into entries list, file will be copy into PLCLink documents folder.

Import an old file

Read an old .xml file from disk

Choose a file, it will be included in this page.

File to import ::