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Author :: Pautex JF
Shareware :: $20, version 2.2 for OSX.
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Technical paper generator for school and students

Papier draws and prints logarithmic, and linear paper, graduated, polar and Smith chart to carry out experimental layouts in college, university and large schools. This program prints one or more identical sheets, the final quality is related to your printer.
This version available for OS X makes also oscillograms and random line paper. (as in this background)

French version of this page - Version française : papier.html

Cocoa application for isometric paper only on OSX is also awailable here.

Papier :

This application prints technical paper of various formats for experimental layouts for use in math or in the sciences, it is often useful to have log sheet paper for an experiment. The law prohibits you from photocopying pre-printed paper sheets of this type coming from an commercial publisher. Instead you can use this generator to create paper in various formats by using the performance of your laser printer.

Linear and log paper:

Smith and polar paper example:

Oscillogram and music example:

Use of the software:

Very easy to use, you choose from the menu "File menu" the print format of the sheets to be produced as well as the orientation of this one, generator calculation and prints your sheet. You can thus make millimeter paper with A4 or A3 format if your laser printer allows it. The Smith chart is always in vertical orientation with A4 format.

Select color of grid and background to obtain better contrast, default adjustment gives some good results with PostScript laser, use the color/gray level option before printing.

OSX version don't print now a nice Smith chart because of OSX (or me), Postscript code is not well understand by X system, future version will be better. Smith chart seem to be a poor picture, try OS9 version for better result.
Print in "PDF" format with OSX in order to open paper document with Illustrator.

The pane below shows the various control buttons available for the use of this software:

Some controls to act on the vertical axis others on the horizontal axis, make logarithmic plotting or linear with each axes. Scale is either in millimeters or in inches. It is possible to remove text near the scale for each axis.

Software feature:


For students higher education and the highschool. This software requires Mac 68K or PowerMac but especially a laser Postscript printer for best result, maximum laser resolution is used by the software to obtain finest layout. Nice result with OSX version and ink jet printer.

This application is written in C++ with PowerPlan and Code Warrior compiler. Version 2.0 is now compiled with CarbonLib but this may change for a better pdf document handling.

This application requires :


Papier Pautex

From Internet, shareware mode $15 charge, current versions available here, send an e-mail to me for more details. Licence includes OS9 and OSX versions and future versions of this application.

Now application "Papier Isometrique" is for OSX only but draw only isometric paper.

Download of the OS 8-9 demo : papier.sit.hqx

Download 2.0 of the OS X demo :

Download 2.1 of the OS X demo : Papier2.1.1.sit

Download 2.2 of the OS X demo : Papier2.2.sit

Download 1.2 of Papier Isometrique : isometrique.dmg

This is demonstration version, you will receive an unlock code for this software by e-mail. Thank you to registering your copy of this shareware. The demonstration version prints a text across the sheet. No time limit. 'Papier' used to be called 'PapierLog'.


Information : Pautex JF
Special thanks : Tony Wight